sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Some words about my collection


It's been long time since last post on this blog. I've been busy with my work and time with my family.

Few months ago I start to make my so called "music list". It takes time to complete it, because I have collect music since 1989 and like you can imagine there's lots of stuff to archive (I was active tape trader over 10 years).

Reason why I'm writing this post is that. Many people from around the world have asked me could I trade or sell original copies from my Metal-Archives or Discogs collection (both collections is incomplete, because I haven't time to add my records)

So, please. Stop begging me to sell anything from my collection! I have some titles to sell, but first I need to check my archives out.

Future plans.

My first mission is start to make some trades again. So, if you want to trade some demo, rehearsal, live, etc. stuff in CD-R, Tape & Digital formats, stay in tuned!

Also I have make some contribute with few friends who are publishing old, rare & obscure stuff on their blogs. Thanks goes to Brother Velkaarn of Asmodian Coven!

I have tribute page on Facebook. It's called "GREV's Metal Archives", check it out, if you're into Metal.
Also I've plan to make "Tribute to Finnish Metal & Hard Rock" page on FB, but now it's impossible...

Well, that's all now.

Dirty Black summer greetings from Finland


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