perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011


...I have start to make my archives.

If I'd said it's a hellish job, I don't lie too much ;)

I'd like to believe that I've complete archives in the end of spring 2012, but I don't promise anything, because I know there's lots of other activities going on.

But, if you want to know what I have and what to expect, please check my Metal Archives profile (search Kreiviratia, yep, that's me).

Also, if you use social networks (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.) you could found my profiles, if you're lucky :)

Well... enough said at this time, so I want to wish Metallish New Year for all UG-fanatics & headbangers!



maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

About future

Hail brothers and sisters

Like you could see, I'm not been so active about this blog.

The reason is very simple. I haven't got enough freetime to make my archives (sure, there are archives, but it's very incomplete now).

In october I'll start to make my archives of Metal if everything going ok.

Until then... stay in Metal!



sunnuntai 3. heinäkuuta 2011


...and welcome to the gates of hell

About this blog.
I was thinking to release my collection on these pages, but it takes too long to add my full collection on these pages because I have hellish collection of metal.

So, I decide to make it littlebit easier and I'll add only demos, rehearsal, live, rare, etc. material first. Maybe I'll add my albums later, we'll see.

Couple of words about me:

I'm 34 years old metal maniac from southern Finland. I was start to listen/play heavy metal music in late 80's, but in 1993 I was forced to leave instruments (I was in carcrash and right side of my body damaged badly).

Nowadays I'm active to promote some bands in Finland. I'm also collector and I love to heard some obscure demos, etc. material... Underground still rules. Fuck mainstream SHIT!

If you find something what you have looking for, you could mail me and ask trade. Remember: I don't trade any originals or sell copys! Only oldschool tape/cdr/mp3 trade allowed!

In near future I'll start to add my collection on this blog, so check it out often.



PS. Visit my friend Velkaarn's blog Asmodian Coven. Great hub full of obscure stuff!